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Residential & Commercial Cleaning

All your properties, one cleaning partner. Our services are available for both residential and commercial businesses on a recurring basis.

Residential & Commercial Cleaning
Window Cleaning

Interior and exterior cleaning that will make your windows shine. Here’s why your home needs it:

  • Crystal clear views that will make you smile.
  • Eliminate buildup of mineral deposits and other harsh elements.
  • Added sunshine to help heat your home.
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Gutter Cleaning

Complete gutter and downspout cleaning. Here’s why your home needs it:

  • Keeps roof runoff water flowing freely.
  • Reduces backed-up water from leaking and rotting your home.
  • Clean gutters eliminate areas that pests and critters can live.
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House Washing

Our “soft-wash” process safely and effectively cleans your home's exterior without damage to paint or siding. Here’s why your home needs it:

  • Removes unhealthy mold and mildew.
  • Increases the look and feel of your property.
  • Protects your surfaces from damage caused by high pressure cleaning.
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Pressure Washing

Professional grade equipment breathes life back into your outdoor living spaces. Here’s why your home needs it:

  • Restores worn-down living spaces.
  • Removes unhealthy dirt and mold.
  • Increases the look and feel of your property.
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Snow Removal

Our kilted technicians use a combination of hand shovels and snow blowers to remove the snow. Why do you need Snow Removal Services?

  • When snow is falling, snow removal is one of the most common activities people doing because they don’t use proper technique or the proper tools.
  • Don’t only consider your safety, but the other people who live in your home. Snowy and icy pathways are a hazard for everyone.
  • A professional has all of the correct training and tools to do snow removal safely and effectively.
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* Snow Removal is limited to selected franchises

Commercial Cleaning

From window washing to pressure washing, we’ll take care of business on the outside so you can take care of the business on the inside. Here’s why your property needs it:

  • Long-term protection from the elements.
  • Keeps your business looking great for your customers.
  • Increases the look and feel of your property.
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From professionally trained and friendly technicians to cutting-edge equipment — we’re bringing exterior house cleaning to new heights.

Speaking of cutting-edge, check out some of the tools our kilted techs can use to make your home or business shine. We use a variety of professional equipment and fit the right tools to the job to get the best results.

Extreme Close-Up Gutter Cameras

Extreme Close-Up Gutter Cameras

We use specialized gutter cameras that allow us to provide accurate inspections, quotes, and quality checks.

Purified Water-Fed Poles

Purified Water-Fed Poles

Our water-fed poles pump water through a purifying system that dries crystal clear leaving no streaks or residue behind.

Gutter Vacuums

Gutter Vacuums

We use high quality wet/dry vacuums that produce extreme suction. Our carbon fiber poles allow our technicians to stay on the ground.

Professional Grade Pressure Washers

Professional Grade Pressure Washers

Our pressure washers can be tuned to deliver the right amount of pressure for properly cleaning and caring for many different surface types.

Reasons to choose Men In Kilts

Yes, we will show up wearing kilts, no matter the weather, and no matter the service.

Trained & Insured Technicians

Trained & Insured Technicians

Integrity Pricing

Integrity Pricing

Locally owned & operated

Locally owned & operated

What's Behind the Kilt (Not Literally!)
Men In Kilts Mascot No Peeking!
  • Safety
    All our technicians are professionally trained and insured.
  • Friendly
    We’ve got top-notch customer service and the reviews to back it up!
  • Guarantee
    Our services are backed by a 48-hour re-clean guarantee.
  • Green
    Our primary products are 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
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